We can further process everything we sell you. In our Production Department we shape, finish and coat the wood and mineral materials in our line of products according to your demands. Including AutoCAD, grid plans and other documentation, of course!

Our selection is primarily geared to joiner’s workshops, interior finishing companies and shipyards. The goal is to shorten and facilitate work processes and create concrete advantages for you through flexible outsourcing. The following production services are only an excerpt from our portfolio, in which there is always room for your special needs.


All types of cutting wood materials to size or format


(hot pressing 3.1x1.3m / cold pressing 5.5x2.1m)
Veneer coating with fixed size, laminate and aluminium coating

Edge finishing

Gluing including preliminary milling, shaping, plastic and solid wood edges up to 12 mm, thickness of workpiece up to 60 mm
EVA-ahesive and PU hotmelt for thermal- and water-resiting gluing

5-axis CNC machining

(max. 6.2x1.935m)
Format, contour and profile milling, cutting to size, drilling

Construction of shaped elements

Shaping elements according to specifications, e.g. round shaped panels, post-forming panels

Veneer-setting work

Cutting veneer to size and fitting in place, making fixed-size veneer coverings

Surface treatment

Sanding (max. width 1.32 metres), calibrating, finish grinding

Surface finishing

Water-based and solvent paints, matt til high-gloss

Service Range

  • Formatting
  • Coating/ laminating
    Coating/ laminating
  • Edge processing
    Edge processing
  • 5-axis CNC processing
    5-axis CNC processing
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