KULA has been the place to go for elegant veneers for nearly 50 years. Our presentation warehouse has no mass-produced items on display, only select material. There are more than 80 varieties to choose from, including some extremely rare ones. An exclusive selection for high-quality solutions in interior finishing, at prices lower than you would expect.

Afromosia, mahogany, birdseye maple, Carolina pine: everyone who sees and feels these and other types of 
wood experiences very directly the fascination of this material – a fascination that constantly motivates us to meet your individual requirements. Naturally with sliced and rotary-cut veneer as well as with burl and thick cut veneers up to 2.5 mm

Pay us a visit! Our experts are ready and waiting to develop efficient and aesthetically high-quality solutions for you. We are also able to coat base boards with the veneers you have selected. Refer to Production to discover what we can do for you in terms of further processing.

Grünliches Furnier
Furnier Zollstock
Furnier Schild

Do you need advice or would you like to place an order? Our experts will be happy to assist you at +49 (0)4205 63599-0.


Solid surface material

The king of materials. We stock products from the world’s leading manufacturers exclusively in Germany. And, thanks to our know-how, anything is possible.

Küche Tim Mälzer


We have almost 1,000 decors from the most important manufacturers in stock at all times. And a Production team which does precisely what you want.



In our Production department we shape, finish and coat the laminate and solid surface materials from our range according to your wishes. Including AutoCAD, grid plans and other documentation as a matter of course.